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How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Usually Last?

Brazilian waxing is a hair removal method used to get rid of hair around the pubic region. This hair removal method allows both women and men to comfortably wear swimwear. Brazilian waxing removes all unwanted and embarrassing hair.

Brazilian waxing has become increasingly popular due to its effectiveness and longevity. Usually, Brazilian wax lasts for 3 to 6 weeks before hair starts to grow. However, the length of time Brazilian wax lasts depends on several factors discussed below.

1. Beginners

If you are a regular user of Brazilian waxing, the smallest appearance of stubble usually starts after 2 to 3 weeks. For regular users, the area usually stays soft and smooth for even up to 6 weeks but the situation is different beginners. If it is your first time or you have stayed for a long time without waxing, it takes just 8 days before you start witnessing the appearance of some stubble.

2. Regulars

Each time you go for waxing, the esthetician usually pulls hair from the follicles and this determines the length of time the waxing will last. If you wax regularly, follicles take longer to give replacement. For some people, it can take up to 8 weeks for hair to grow after several waxing sessions while others don’t grow hair after several waxing sessions.

3. Wax Type

Soft wax usually comes with a lot of pain during the hair removal process and it is why many beauty salons prefer using hard wax since it comes with less pain. When hard wax is used, it usually takes time for hair to start growing since it breaks all hair above the follicles. Soft wax may be associated with more pain but doesn’t break all hair above the follicles. Ask for the esthetician to use soft wax if you can handle the pain.

4. Temperature

Temperature is a major factor for determining how long a Brazilian waxing lasts. When temperatures are low, hair usually takes longer to grow and when it is warmer it tends to grow faster. It is the reason why most people prefer doing their Brazilian waxing in the cold seasons.

5. Food

The kind of food you eat also determines how quickly your hair will grow. Foods rich in omega-3 such as beans, nuts, and salmon contribute greatly to the growth of hair. If you regularly eat such foods, you will also find yourself in need of a Brazilian waxing sooner.

6. Age

Age is another major factor for determining hair growth. Younger people usually have a higher hair growth rate than older people. Young people therefore require waxing more regularly compared to old people. Given that the rate of growth of hair decreases with age, it is no wonder that a Brazilian waxing will last longer on old people.


It is never advisable to go for Brazilian waxing if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, whether narcotics or medically prescribed drugs. If you are under the influence of drugs wait until the effect has passed.

Final Thoughts

A Brazilian waxing should last for a minimum of about 3 weeks but it all depends on the factors discussed above. Now that you know about the factors that influence how long a Brazilian waxing lasts, you are in a better position to determine how yours is likely to last.